How do Solar Panels Work to Convert Sunlight into Electricity?

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How do Solar Panels Work to Convert Sunlight into Electricity?

Have you ever wondered how do solar panels work?

Sun light is the most abundant source of energy on earth. But how do solar panels work to convert that sunlight into electricity?

By talking with the experts at Light Solar, I’ve learned the magic. You can learn the magic, too, by calling 1-800-408-6046.

It turns out that sand, the most abundant material on earth, plays an important role in converting sun power into clean energy. Sand is made up of silicon. When magnified, we can see that sand is really a hard, brittle solid, with a bluish gray luster.

Silicon is a semiconductor. That means it conducts electricity under some conditions, but not others. It makes silicon an excellent medium to control electrical current. Silicon is an essential element of the solar industry.

The team at Light Solar helped me understand that before silicon could be used in a solar application, a lot of steps had to take place. First, a scientific process melts silicon in a machine called a crucible. Then, a small sea crystal, mounted on the end of a rod, is dipped just below the surface of the metal. Very slowly, the machine pulls the rod up slowly, and rotated at the same time. This process produces a crystalline cylinder of silicon. The next step is to slice the cylinder cross wise into extremely thin wafers. Experts then use the wafers to create solar cells.

At Light Solar, I learned that a solar cell is like a silicon sandwich. And the “silicon sandwiches” that Light Solar brings to market, are the most powerful, efficient solar cells in the industry. When sunlight shines on the cells, photons bombard the silicon. They generate energy for the electrons in the silicon. The electrons then flow out of the cell and into a circuit that conducts the electricity.

So a solar panel, or module, from Light Solar is a group of solar cells that a team connects electrically to one another. The more solar cells in the panel, the greater the electrical output.

Obviously, there’s much more to creating a clean energy system than understanding how do solar panels work. That’s why the team at Light Solar is so awesome. They invest time, energy, and resources to provide this insight to consumers.

If you want to install a clean energy system in your house, make sure you reach out to the team at Light Solar. 1-800-408-6046.

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