Light Solar Helps You Save and Make Money

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Light Solar Helps You Save and Make Money

If you’re like most Americans, you’ve got your mind on your money. That’s why it makes so much sense to speak with our team at Light Solar. Our Light Solar experts will show how an investment in solar can help your family both make money and save money.

I learned about the federal tax credit when I started working with Light Solar. This tax credit provides a 30% incentive to people who make the investment in a solar energy system. Homeowners can claim this 30% tax credit on their investment in solar by filling out IRS form 56952 for the tax year in which Light Solar installed the system.

This incentive for an investment in clean energy was originally scheduled to expire in 2016. But the federal government extended the tax credit because of the enormous value that comes with a clean energy system from Light Solar. The investment in solar energy pays off immediately with the savings from tax incentive. Besides the tax incentive, homeowners also benefit from lower utility bills. The Light Solar team can show you all of the ways that your family will benefit from an investment in a clean energy system.

Some back of the envelope estimates follow:

  • Savings over five years: $15,000
  • Savings over 10 years: $33,500
  • Savings over 15 years: $58,000
  • Savings over 30 years: $90,000

Those savings increase year after year because of the anticipated rise in costs for electricity bills over time.

Considering the money you get back from the tax credit, and the money you save from escalating electricity costs, your investment in solar energy results in your family making money and saving money.

Our team would like to earn your trust. Contact us today so that we can explain all of the benefits of investing in a clean energy system from Light Solar.

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