Solar Panels Save You Money When You Use a Light Solar Installation

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Solar Panels Save You Money When You Use a Light Solar Installation

Solar Panels Save You Money

Are you thinking about installing a solar energy system, but wondering whether the investment will bring more cash to your savings account? The answer is yes!

Savings from using solar energy could save you more than $2,500 per year. That equivalent to a car payment each month. Over 10 years, that’s a savings of $25,000-assuming electricity rates don’t rise. Over 20 years, those who install solar energy systems save more than $50,000.

Considering that most people don’t have any savings retirement, it seems like installing a solar energy system today could be a great savings plan. And a good savings plan is a great retirement plan.

Your Utility Bills Will Shrink with a Light Solar Installation

Solar panels produce energy based on access to light, system efficiency, and panel size. Whether your electric bill drops a little or a lot depends on a few factors that include:

  • Electricity needs
  • Quality of panels, and
  • Placement of panels.

If an efficient solar energy system can generate enough electricity to power a 4-bedroom house with a pool, and the only cost for electricity is your solar lease payment, you’ll save more cash!

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As inflation rises, so will electricity costs. Utilizing a solar energy system protects you from exposure to those ongoing, costly increases. And, the fixed cost of solar systems makes monthly budgeting easy.

Customers of Light Solar spend less and save more!

Your Property Will Be Worth More and Cost You Less

According to the US Department of Energy, homes with solar energy systems already installed sell far more than homes without solar panels. More than two-thirds of the US-38 states-have enacted legislation on property tax exemptions for homes with solar panels. As the value of your home increases, you won’t be penalized with higher property taxes for installing a solar energy system. Some states have even allowed a property tax incentive for using solar energy!

Solar energy systems can contribute to your savings plan. Check out Google’s Project Sunroof for a personalized solar analysis.

If you decide to proceed with installation of a solar energy system, remember to do your own due diligence. You’ll find our team at Light Solar to be a best-in-class provider.

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