Net Metering With a Light Solar Energy System

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Net Metering With a Light Solar Energy System

Did you know that the law requires some utility companies, including Southern California Edison and San Diego Gas & Electric, to provide net metering to all of their solar customers?

My name is Michael Santos and I didn’t know anything about net metering until I spoke with the specialists at Light Solar. The entire team at Light Solar is amazing. Rather than giving me a sales pitch on the reasons why I should invest in solar, they spent time to help me understand more about this awesome movement to save the environment with solar energy systems. I liked information so much I made a commitment to invest time, energy, and resources to spread the message.

If you’re like me, and you didn’t know anything about net metering, let me reveal what I learned from the specialist at Light Solar.

Most consumers pay utility companies to provide electricity. That electricity comes from the national electrical grid. All Americans understand the massive expense that comes with electricity. Those of us who live in Southern California, or other sunny communities, really get burned with high electricity costs. When temperatures start to climb, utility companies start charging us more to access the electricity we need to power our properties.

That’s why an Light Solar energy system makes so much sense. An efficient solar energy system can power home, but also feed energy back into the national electric grid. Net metering is a kind of incentive system that we can use to provide that energy. The benefit of contributing to a better environment also helps!

An efficient Light Solar energy system will produce enough electricity to power your home’s electricity use for the entire year. With net metering, we can account for precisely how much energy our solar panels produce, and how much energy we take from the grid. The excess energy that we Light Solar panels produce goes back to the grid, and a net metering system allows for clean billing-tracking the source of electrical energy.

That’s why net metering is an awesome way to get a return on investment.

If you want to learn more about how net metering can benefit you, contact the experts at Light Solar: 1-800-408-6046

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