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Do the Solar Panel Installation and Invest with Light Solar Today

Get Ahead of the Energy Efficient Mandates with Solar Panel Installation

Leaders in California recognize the huge contribution Light Solar makes to building cleaner, more sustainable energy. In May, the state’s Energy Commission approved a proposal mandating that all new low-rise residential buildings must include the type of solar energy system that Light Solar specializes in installing.

This is the first statewide, rooftop solar-building mandate in the United States. The mandate is truly a huge step forward building an energy-efficient sustainable California. And it validates all of the lessons I’ve learned from the leaders at Light Solar.

Leaders at Light Solar have shown me data from California’s New Solar Homes Partnership. Historically, solar energy systems in new homes has accounted for a small share of the market. In 2017, only 3 percent of California’s residential capacity was installed on new construction. As a result of the new legislative change mandating solar energy systems for all new construction, the team at Light Solar anticipates a surge in demand for solar panel installation after 2020, when the new law takes effect.

What does this new legislative change mean for you as a home owner?

From my perspective, it means two things:

  1. Legislators recognize the value of solar energy, which validates everything that the team at Light Solar has been saying about the importance of solar energy.
  2. Home owner would be well advised to get ahead of the curve and invest in solar energy before the massively increasing demand pushes prices higher.


Supply and Demand

Light Solar offers the best value in the state. The company’s outstanding relationship with leading manufacturers allows it to negotiate quantity discounts on materials. And it’s relationship with installers allows the company to guarantee a best-in-class solar panel installation in your property.

With estimates of 65,000 new homes being built in California in 2020, we know the demand for solar panels will grow. Those demands are likely to drive prices higher. Home owners that install solar panels now will reap the benefits of those higher prices. Consider the following benefits:

  • Light Solar customers benefit from lower energy costs.
  • Light Solar customers benefit by reducing reliance on the electrical grid.
  • Light Solar customers benefit because their property values increase with a solar energy system.

Light Solar customers benefit because they will pay less for a solar energy systems because they are ahead of the curve, investing in their system before prices increase after the legislative mandate takes effect.

Take advantage of lower prices today!

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