Light Solar Leads the Way in Helping California Residents Save Money and the Environment

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Light Solar Leads the Way in Helping California Residents Save Money and the Environment

Southern California, as it turns out, is one of the best places in the nation to install solar panels for your home. Obviously, we have a lot of sun and we also struggle with expensive costs for utility power. That combination, as well as some great incentives, makes installing solar panetls a great investment.

Most people who live in Southern California purchase their power from Southern California Edison (SCE). In Anaheim, power comes from Anaheim Public Utilities. Down in San Diego, residents purchase power from San Diego Gas and Electric.

What do residents in Los Angeles, Anaheim, and San Diego have in common? They all pay too much to utility companies for power!


Fortunately, our team at Light Solar can help! Give us a call at 1-800-408-6046.

We work to train our specialists at Light Solar so they can educate consumers on the solar panels benefits. And believe, there’s never been a better time than now to invest in solar. My name is Michael Santos and I am proud to have invested with Light Solar. Their expertise and professionalism made such an impression on me, that I invested time, energy, and resources into the company so it could help more people.

The cost of solar has fallen a great deal, particularly here in California. Over the last five years, it has fallen so much that the utility companies are worrying about losing revenues. As more people invest in solar energy systems, revenues for utility companies falls. To learn more about how our team at Light Solar can help you, make sure you to take advantage of the free consultations. We’ll help you understand which type of solar panels are best for you. We’ll even show how to finance your solar energy systems in ways that allow you to take advantage of tax incentives and rebates.

In the end, investing in a solar energy system for your home is about more than saving money. Don’t get me wrong, saving money is nice. But Light Solar will also show you the ancillary benefits-like the good karma that accompanies the favor you’re doing for our environment. With a system from Light Solar, your house will have a smaller carbon footprint, and it will stop the proliferation of emissions that do so much damage to our beautiful community.

Do yourself the favor and contact our team at Light Solar today: 1-800-408-6046.

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