Solar Panels and Wattage

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Solar Panels and Wattage

How would you rate the effectiveness of a solar panel?


I didn’t know the answer to that question. That’s why I was happy to speak with Brenda, an expert on the team at Light Solar. My name is Michael Santos and I’m grateful to Brenda for helping me understand variables to consider. If you’d like to learn more about how a clean energy system can benefit you, make sure you tap into all of the resources at Light Solar.

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Brenda explained that a panel’s power rating is one of the top metrics to consider when investing in a clean energy system. Some professionals refer to the power rating as the amount of wattage a solar panel produces.

Solar panels produce clean energy in watts. The number of watts that a solar panel produces indicates its overall capacity to produce power.

For example, A 100-watt solar panel lies at the lower end of the spectrum. A higher wattage panel, like those that Light Solar recommends, produces more than 300 watts. The higher wattage means the panels produce more electricity, and it also means that you would need fewer panels to get the results you’re after.

Electricity from a single 100-watt panel is better than no clean energy at all. From Brenda, I learned that the amount of energy each panel generates depends on several variables. For example, some variables to consider include:


  • The location of the property,
  • The tilt of the panel,
  • The amount of shade hitting the panel, and even
  • The direction the panel faces.


All of the above factors influence how much juice the panel generates.

Smaller, 100-watt panels have a lower overall capacity to produce power. Yet some consumers choose such panels for economic reasons. Of course, any type of solar energy is better than getting electricity from fossil fuels.

If you’re considering a solar energy system, make sure that you speak with an expert like Brenda at Light Solar. Brenda can help you grasp the relationship between the number of panels you install, the wattage of panels you install, and the amount of clean energy you generate.

If you invested in a system that generates 250 watts or more of clean energy, you could likely generate sufficient power to reduce or possibly eliminate your family’s electricity bills. How does that sound? You might augment your savings by investing in windows and roofing systems that allow you to conserve even more. It’s important to be energy efficient.

To get a better understanding of your clean energy needs, take some time to understand the relationship between solar panels, wattage capabilities, and energy savings. When it comes to clean energy, there’s a lot more to it than choosing which solar panels to buy.

At least that’s what I learned.

The experts at Light Solar helped me, and I’m certain they can help you. Call 1-800-408-6046.

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