Light Solar Reduces Energy Costs for Consumers

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Light Solar Reduces Energy Costs for Consumers

If you’ve had enough with rising energy costs, take action. Contact our team and learn how we can start reducing your energy costs with an efficient energy system from Light Solar:

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There isn’t any doubt that over the long-term, electricity prices will continue to rise. Over the past decade, electricity prices rose by an average of three percent each year.

Why have electricity costs risen so much?

I’m looking around my desk right now and I see the evidence all around me. I have three computers, podcasting equipment, cameras, microphones. I’ve got a television screen on the wall, lamps, and many chargers to power my equipment. This is only one desk, but all of the devices around me consume a lot of electricity.

We have more gadgets that require electricity every day. All of these electronic devices place an enormous burden on our national electrical grid. I’m embarrassed to acknowledge the size of the carbon footprint that I was leaving before I seized the opportunity from Light Solar.

I now invest time, energy, and resources to grow with Light Solar. This team is all about saving the planet, and also about saving consumers money!

Consumers can eliminate, or significantly reduce electricity costs with a Light Solar energy system. By going solar, consumers protect themselves against rising electricity prices, bringing more predictability to energy costs.

By installing a solar energy system, consumers can produce their own energy. Further, they can sell excess energy they produce to others, providing an extra benefit to the investment in solar.

It’s rather easy to see how an investment in an efficient solar energy system saves consumers money. The average electricity bill in the United States is $1,200 per year. Yet consumers that invest with Light Solar get energy systems that produce 100% of their electricity. At the end of the year, they have an extra $1,200. Those savings would increase every year, because the three-percent increase in electricity would no longer apply Over the course of 25 years, a consumer would save more than $32,000 that would have been burned up with electricity expenses.

I encourage you to contact Light Solar at 1-800-408-6046 so that you can learn about the ways that your investment in an efficient energy system will make your life-and the planet-better.

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